How to Get THE Handy Kitchen Pantry Cabinet Organization Plan

Kitchen pantry cabinet systems can be paramount in the kitchen. Apart from the obvious purpose of storage in reduced space, they have their own life in design, style and as an aid managing in a clever way your kitchen.

They can be tailored to your personal taste and style, reflecting your dreamy kitchen, but also they are more expensive than standard-made directly from the manufacturer.


Kitchen Cabinets: Replace or Install New Ones?

If you’re renovating your kitchen is essential to have a clear diagnosis of the state of the pantry cabinets.

  • Are they closing properly?
  • Are they remaining opened?
  • Perhaps, the kitchen cabinets begin to protrude from its floor space?
  • Is a structural problem or just apparently the painting in bad state?

Apart from the fact that they are not working as they should, they can be a potential danger for you and your family.

Your kitchen is your lab when you shine with delicious dishes, hence you need to be sure that your kitchen pantry cabinet is in perfect condition for having a safe home.


How to Choose a Kitchen Pantry Cabinet - Image

If your pantry cabinets are not in good shape, perhaps it’s time to remake or paint them again. Depending of your budget, may be even you can consider replacing them for new ones.
How do you determine which option to follow? We need to analyze a little deeper to evaluate the situation.

Is the metal or wood surface broken or weak? In those conditions, just a simple paint isn’t enough. But if they are in good conditions and only the painting is irregular, this option can be the less expensive.

Let’s take a look more points to consider if your kitchen pantry cabinet is worth painting or not.
In order to do the new paint, it depends a lot if you’ve the necessary tools, time available to paint the cabinet, more the time for drying. Remember that you’d need to remove completely the old paint, and to re-paint at least with two layers, to get an optimum result.


Pantry Cabinets Materials Available

It’s vital having clear the pros and cons of the different materials that the manufacturer is offering.
Stainless steel, melamine, laminates, wood, mix with glass, are some of the most common materials used by the kitchen pantry cabinet manufacturers.

Here there are several factors to consider according to your needs:

  • Maintenance
  • Durability
  • Designs that will stay in good shape longer
  • Cleaning
  • Elegance
  • Existing atmosphere in your kitchen


Stainless Steel
This product gives a modern and healthy aspect to your kitchen; plus it’s easy to clean.
On the other side, it can be cold therefore you need to add some accessories or extra terminations.

Stainless Steel Pantry Cabinet

Another point to consider: they are noisy. Manufacturers tend to reduce their noise adding them with other material like plywood, cardboard, etc then you need to judge these additions, because they can affect the durability on the long-run.


Melamine is a layer applied over a base-material providing protection against scratches and spots. It comes with a myriad of styles like plain colors, imitation wood, retro and so forth, adapting to every kind of taste and preference.

In terms of durability, it depends a lot of the material used below the melamine. If it is in good condition, is a nice and durable product. On the contrary, if the melamine has some cracks, the moisture enters into the base-material, so the shelf life of the pantry cabinet organizer can be reduced significantly.


A classic material that always is valid for its warmth, elegance and durability.

An example of the most popular wood in pantry kitchen cabinets is maple. Maple is versatile and durable with many different finishes; also it can be painted and stained. The only problem of maple is that tends to yellow, when it has been for long time under direct sun. This point doesn’t matter if it is painted.

Oak is one of the most common trees in North America, therefore is a great choice apart of maple. Oak is durable and versatile but less than maple, because of its distinctive appearance. It’s ideal for an antique look, fitting for style kitchen cabinets and oak has many different colors. Being a noble material, oak is used also in oak-barrels to age wines. You’d consider that this material does not fit well in very modern kitchens.


Kitchen Pantry Cabinet Systems

There are a heap of systems, and manufacturers are permanently developing new models, plus improving the systems more the materials used.
A common option is roll out shelves or sliding shelves or pull out shelves, different names for the same product. A mobile shelf can come with variable height bars to be adaptable to your needs in your kitchen. Perhaps this type of organizer is a little more expensive, but you gain in versatility. Pay attention to the sliding mechanism, a vital part of the kitchen cabinet.


Kitchen Pantry Roll Out Shelves


Kitchen Lazy Susans is other ideal option for corner cabinets, when you’ve little space. Corner drawers can be combined with a Lazy Susan rotating mechanism, giving you maximum efficiency in a minimal space. They come in different dimensions, materials and formats, like full round, kidney, half moon, D-shape, pie-cuts and the imagination coming from the manufacturer.


Piano hinged swinging systems normally come as standards from producers. If you consider a custom design adaptable to your need, perhaps this can be a little pricey, due to the work involved for the cabinet maker.


Cabinet basket/racks behind the doors let you to organize your pantry in a simple manner. Frequently, they can come as wired baskets and in fixed sizes, with hooks to reach over the cupboard door or to be screwed at the back.


Adapting, redesigning or buying a new kitchen pantry cabinet can take some time exploring the different prices, options, materials and systems, but in the long run the time you spend on it, pay off instead of a decision in a hurry.